My first experience with AMSOIL, in fact any synthetic motor oil, was in the early 1990’s. I was racing a Porsche in SCCA club racing and was looking for any advantage possible. AMSOIL has a lower cooefficient of friction than conventional motor oils so I was expecting to pick up a little power. The first race I used AMSOIL was held at Phoenix International Raceway in Arizona and it was a very hot day. During the race as I ran in second and in pursuit of the first place car I watched as my oil temperature climbed steadily to the wrong side of 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of that I decided to back off and take a safe second rather than to ruin the engine.

Back home at my Porsche repair shop in Costa Mesa, California, I took the engine apart to survey the damage. I found nothing wrong in the engine. I expected the cam to take a beating, and have  worn out main and rod bearings,   instead it looked like I had just built the engine and did a little “breaking in”. There was no sign of piston scuffing or cylinder wall damage. I was sold on AMSOIL from then on. It has never let me down and I continue to use it today in the race car, the tow vehicle and my daily driver, which has 313,000 miles on the original engine.

But my experience with Porsche engines goes back further than that. I started working on Porsches in 1971 as a mechanic at a Porsche/Audi dealer. After 6 years in the dealer network and several more in independent shops I opened my own Porsche repair shop, in 1980, and continue to overhaul engines, and transaxles.  In the course of 40 years I have seen many worn and damaged parts due to poor lubrication and that is why I use as high a quality lubricant as I can find in my cars and my customers cars. For that reason I keep AMSOIL in stock at my repair shop .